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Ridgeline Knife Works is a small knife manufacturing company located in the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.  Ridgeline was founded with this mission:


Knives designed with function first, made of the best materials available, with the quality of a custom knife and the consistency provided by modern technology.  No gimmicks, no nano whatever,

no miracle coatings, just tools that make your task easier.

100% made in the USA, by hunters, for hunters.

We are not a “one off” custom knifemaker, nor do we strive to become a giant knife factory making knives for the big box stores.   This company was started because I saw a distinct lack of knives that were actually designed for what we do as hunters.  As an engineer I believe that there should be a knife available to outdoors enthusiasts that has every detail engineered to make tasks faster, more comfortable, and well, more fun!

- Zack Waddle

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